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IEEE 94-1977 pdf free.IEEE Standard Pulse Terms and Definitions.
1.1 Scope.This standard provides fundamen-tal definitions for general use in time domainpulse technology. It defines terms for pulsephenomena and pulse parameters which areprerequisite to:
1)Efficient communication of technicalinformation
(2) Standards for methods of pulse para-meter measurement
(3)Standards for pulse apparatus
(4) Standards for apparatus which employspulse techniques.
1.2 Object. Within its scope, the object of thisstandard is the definition of an internally con-sistent, mathematically rigorous,and generalset of pulse terms which are applicable:
(1)To hypothetical and practical pulses(2) Regardless of accuracy or precision
(3)To a wide range of technologies and disciplines
(4) In a measurement situation,regardlessof the means of measurement or the means forwaveform evaluation employed.
2.1 Coordinate System. Throughout the fol-lowing, a rectangular Cartesian coordinatesystem is assumed in which, unless otherwisespecified:
(1)Time (t) is the independent variable taken along the horizontal axis, increasing in thepositive sense from left to right
(2)Magnitude (m) is the dependent variable taken along the vertical axis, increasingin the positive sense or polarity from bottomto top
(3)The following additional symbols areused:
(a) e—The base of natural logarithms(b) a, b, c, etc—Real constants which, un-less otherwise specified,may have any valueand either sign
(c) n—A positive integer.
2.2 Wave,Pulse,and Transition
2.2.1 Wave. A modification of the physicalstate of a medium which propagates in themedium as a function of time’ as a result ofone or more disturbances.
2.2.2 Pulse. A wave which departs from afirst nominal state,attains a second nominalstate,and ultimately returns to the first nominal state.Throughout the remainder of thisdocument the term pulse is included in theterm wave.
2.2.3 Transition. A portion of a wave orpulse between a first nominal state and a second nominal state. Throughout the remainder of this document the term transitionis included in the terms pulse and wave.
2.3 Waveform,Epoch,and Feature
2.3.1 Waveform,Pulse Waveform,Transi-tion Waveform. A manifestation or representation (that is. graph, plot,oscilloscope presentation,equation(s),table of coordinate orstatistical data,etc) or a visualization of awave, pulse, or transition. Throughout the remainder of this document:
( 1)The term pulse waveform is included inthe term waveform
(2)The term transition waveform is includ-ed in the terms pulse waveform and waveform.2.3.2 Waveform Epoch. The span of timefor which waveform data are known orknowable. A waveform epoch manifested byequations may extend in time from  infinityto + infinity or,like all waveform data, mayextend from a first datum time to to a seconddatum time t .(See Fig 1.)
2.3.3 Feature. A specified portion or segment of, or a specified event in, a waveform.2.4 Qualitative Adjectives.The adjectives inthis section may be used individually or incombination, or in combination with ad-jectives in Section 2.5,to modify any substantive term in this standard.IEEE 94 pdf download.

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