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IEEE 802-1990 pdf free.IEEE Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: overview and Architecture.
IEEE 802 compliance shall be with respect to specific IEEE 802 Standards(e.g.,802.3,802b,802.1D).Each standard for which compliance is claimedshall be described without ambiguity.Because of the breadth of topics (somemutually exclusive) that are sponsored by the family of lEEE 802 Standards, aclaim of compliance with lEEE 802 is meaningless without reference to specific standards within the lEEE 802 family of standards.Therefore, productsSHALL NOT say“IEEE 802 compatible”nor use equivalent terms. lf they areclaiming compliance specifically with this standard, the product shall, as aminimum, say“IEEE Std 802-1990 compatible.”Otherwise, products shall, asa minimum, say“IEEE 802.x compatible”or use equivalent terms, where x isreplaced with a numerical designator (e.g.,802.7); or“IEEE 802y compatible”oruse equivalent terms, where y is replaced with a letter designator (e.g. 802c); or“IEEE 802.xy compatible”oruse equivalent terms,where x and y arereplaced respectively with a numerical and a letter designator (e.g.,802.1E).Describing, advertising, or promoting equipment as conforming to one ormore of the family of lEEE 802 Standards is equivalent to making a voluntarystatement of compliance.
Compliance with one or more of the family of lEEE 802 Standards requiresimplementation of the mandatory portions of those standards.Components(e.g., cables, connectors, medium-related subsystems) that make use of only aportion of one of the family of lEEE 802 Standards, and thus implement lessthan the full mandatory set of capabilities, shall indicate which IEEE 802
Standard is used and those portion(s) of the relevant standard that are imple-mented.These products may be marked as implementing a portion of one ofthe family of lEEE 802 Standards as appropriate. Such products SHALL NOTsay“IEEE 802 compatible”nor use equivalent terms without reference to specific standards within the lEEE 802 family of standards.
Introduction.This section defines the IEEE 802 Local and Metro-politan Area Network Reference Model (LAN&MAN/R M) and Implementation Model(LAN&MAN/IM). The intent of presenting these models is
(1)To provide an overview of the standard, and
(2) To serve as a guide to reading other IEEE 802 Standards.
The IEEE 802 LAN&MAN/R M is patterned after the Open Systems Interconnection Basic R eference Model(OSI/R M)(ISO 7498 [5秒).It is assumedthat the reader has some familiarity with the OSIR M and its terminology.The IEEE 802 Standards encompass the functionality of the lowest two layers of the OSI/R M (i.e., Physical Layer and Data Link Layer) and also
higher layers as they relate to internetworking and LAN management. TheLAN&MAN/R M is similar to the OSI/RM in terms of its layers and theplacement of its service boundaries.However, due to the shared-medium na-ture of the IEEE 802 LANs, there is always a MAC Sublayer.IEEE 802 pdf download.

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