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IEEE 730-1989 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans.
IEEE 730 The definitions listed belowestablish meaning in the context of thisstandard. Other definitions can be found inANSI/IEEE Std 729-1983,IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology,or latest revision thereof [3].3 For the purpose ofthis standard,the term“software”includesfirmware,documentation, data,and executioncontrol statements (eg,command files,jobcontrol language,etc).branch metric. The result of dividing the totalnumber of modules in which every branch hasbeen executed at least once by the total numberof modules.critical software. Software whose failurewould impact safety or cause large financialor social losses.
decision point metric. The result of dividingthe total number of modules in which everydecision point has had (1) all valid conditions,and (2) at least one invalid condition,correctly processed, divided by the total number ofmodules.6
domain metric. The result of dividing the totalnumber of modules in which one valid sampleand one invalid sample of every class of inputdata items (external messages,operator in-puts,and local data) have been correctly processed, by the total number of modules.Berror message metric. The result of dividingthe total number of error messages thathave been formally demonstrated, by the totalnumber of error messages.
quality assurance. A planned and systematicpattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the item or product conforms to established technical requirements.requirements demonstration metric. The result of dividing the total number of separately-identified requirements in the software requirements specification (SRS) that havebeen successfully demonstrated by the totalnumber of separately-identified requirementsin the SRS.
The Software Quality Assurance Plan shallinclude the sections listed below to be in compliance with this standard. The sectionsshould be ordered in the described sequence. Ifthe sections are not ordered in the describedsequence, then a table shall be provided at theend of the SQAP that provides a cross-refer-ence from the lowest numbered subsection ofthis standard to that portion of the SQAP wherethat material is provided. If there is no information pertinent to a section,the followingshall appear below the section heading, “Thissection is not applicable to this plan,” togetherwith the appropriate reasons for the exclusion.IEEE 730 pdf download.

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