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IEEE 638-1992 (R2006) pdf free.IEEE Standard for Qualification of Class 1E Transformers for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 638 Tests shall be performed on a transformer of a design family to demonstrate that the design meets or exceeds theconditions of the specification (see Section 5). The test program shall consist of a planned sequence of testsdocumented in a test specification or procedure, which will verify the transformer design and satisfactory operationunder specified conditions.The extrapolation of these tests for all ratings of the design family shall be documented andjustified.
Qualified life for a transformer of a design family may be determined using approaches to transformer qualificationlisted under Section 6 or loading guides listed in Section 3.Failures that occur during design or life testing shall beaddressed in determining the qualified life. Any redesign of the transformer or change(s) of the organic componentsmay require a retest and/or analysis of the redesign.
lt is the intent of this section to require testing of a full size production line transformer that incorporates essentialcomponents and accessory equipment. The qualification tests that verify the performance required by the user’sspecification are the routine and design tests. Routine tests shall be conducted on each transformer manufacturedand on the prototype transformer used for design tests. Design tests (including temperature test,impulse test, andshort-circuit test), as defined in appropriate ANSI and IEEE standards, plus seismic tests as defined in IEEE Std344-1987[17],are conducted on the prototype unit.
The transformer chosen for such tests shall be a representative unit of a design family in that it shall have the samedesign features and material specifications. Operating stresses and electrical/structural loads shall be no less severethan those for all transformers to be qualified. Design test reports shall identify all materials, test methods (includingquality control), and features not specifically representative of the transformer being qualified, justifying differences ineach parameter by analysis, operating experience, or independent testing.IEEE 638 pdf download.

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