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IEEE 62.31-1987 pdf free.IEEE Standard Test Specifications for Gas-Tube Surge-Protective Devices.
IEEE 62.31 tests described in 4.1 through4.17providestandardized methods formaking single observations of a specifiedproperty of a gas-tube surge-protective device.These propertiesusually varyfrommeasurement to measurement,making itnecessary to provide statistical descriptions ofthe property so as to compare products.The following statistical procedure shall beused to describe any property that has beendetermined to have important statisticalaspects. A product sample shall be chosen in amanner consistent with the definition ofdesign tests as provided by ANSI/IEEE Std100-1988.A sufficient number of devices shallbe tested and the characteristic in questionmeasured as described in the applicabledesign test until the parameters of theunderlying statisticaldistributionaredetermined within confidence limits specifiedby the manufacturer or user. Values relatingto the product sample such as, but not limited to,mean,median,maximum,minimum,andstandard deviation may then be stated.
The following tests shall be performed on thedevice as required by the application. Unlessotherwise specified,ambient test conditionsshall be as follows:
(1)Temperature: 25C±5℃
(2) Relative humidity: less than 60%
(3) Atmospheric pressure: 60 em to 78 cm of mercury
DC Breakdown Voltage Test. A deviceshall be placed in darkness for at least 24 hand tested in this condition using a rampvoltage waveform,with a specified voltagerate of rise employing a suitable circuit such as that shown in Fig 1.The device shall betested with apositive and a negativewaveform,or a waveform of specified polarity,with a minimum of 24 h between tests.Thebreakdown values shall be recorded.
Separate tests shall be performed todetermine dc breakdown voltage repeatabilityemploying the ramp waveform described in4.1.A series of at least five voltage impulses ofa given polarity followed by at least fivevoltage impulses of the opposite polarity shallbe consecutively applied at intervals of lessthan 1 min.Each pair of terminals of a multigapdevice shall be tested separately in accordancewith 4.1 and 4.1.1 with the other terminal orterminals floating,unless otherwise specified.Capacitance ‘Test. The capacitance shall bemeasured between each terminal and everyother terminal of the device at a specified frequency. In measurements involving multi-gap devices,a three-terminal measuring in-strument is required. All terminals not in-volved in the test shall be connected to aground plane in the measuring instrument.NOTE: In the absence of requirements relating to a specialapplication,a frequency of 1.o MHz is recommended forthis test.
Insulation Resistance Test.Theinsulation resistance shall be measured fromeach terminal to every other terminal of thedevice,applying a specified dc voltage asdescribed in Fig 2.The specified dc voltageshall be reached and held for at least 100 ms(T2 = minimum 101 ms in Fig 2),before theinsulation resistance measurement is taken;also, it shall be taken before a holding time of10 s has elapsed (T3 = maximum 10.001 s inFig 2). Terminals not involved in themeasurement shall be left f1oating.IEEE 62.31 pdf download.

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