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IEEE 56-1977 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Insulation Maintenance ofLarge Alternating-Current Rotating Machinery (10 000 kVA and Larger).
The purpose of this guide is to present information necessary to permit an effective evaluation of the insulationsystems of large alternating-current rotating electrical machines.Such an evaluation can serve as a guide to the degreeof maintenance or replacement which might be deemed necessary, and also offer some indication of the future servicereliability of the equipment under consideration.
This guide is intended to apply in general to large alternating-current rotating electrical machines rated at 10 000 kVAor more, and operating at voltages of 6000 V and above.
Rotating electrical machines are complex structures which are subjected to mechanical, electrical, and thermal stressesof varying magnitude. Of the various components, the insulation systems are the most susceptible to aging or damagedue to these stresses. The service life of an electrical machine will, therefore, largely depend on the serviceability ofthe insulation systems.
Where reliability is of concern, adequate inspection and testing programs are advocated to assure that the equipmentis maintained in satisfactory condition to minimize the possibility of in-service failure.
The experience and data obtained from regular maintenance inspection and testing programs can in addition toproviding an evaluation of the present condition of the equipment, give some indication of long-term trends andprobable need for future repair or replacement.
The extent to which a maintenance program is pursued will depend largely on the operator’s own experience andphilosophy, but should also take into account the importance of service reliability of the equipment. Where highservice reliability is required, a regular maintenance program involving periodic disassembly and knowledgeablevisual examination of the equipment, together with the application of electrical tests of proven significance, i stronglyrecommended.
lt should be recognized that some overpotential tests may be damaging to insulation in marginal condition. Wherethere is uncertainty,consultation with the manufacturer is recommended. This is implicit in setting up anymaintenance testing program.
As has been stated, electrical machines and their insulation systems are subjected to mechanical, electrical, andthermal stresses which give rise to many deteriorating influences, the most significant of which are the following.IEEE 56 pdf download.

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