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IEEE 338-1987 pdf free.IEEE Standard Criteria for the PeriodicSurveillance Testing of Nuclear Power Generating Station Safety Systems.
IEEE 338 Periodic surveillance testing of safety systems contributes to the realization of desired system operational availabilityand calls attention to performance that is not within prescribed limits by detection of equipment operational status.Prescribed limits are minimum performance requirements,such as response time,set point accuracy, and otherspecified performance requirements as stated in the design bases.
The safety systems shall be designed to be testable during operation of the nuclear power generating station as well asduring those intervals when the station is shut down.This testability shall permit the independent testing of redundantchannels and load groups while (1) maintaining the capability of these systems to respond to bona fide signals, or (2)tripping the output of the channel being tested, if required, or (3) bypassing the equipment consistent with safetyrequirements and limiting conditions for operation.
The following further amplify these design requirements:
1)Design shall provide the capability for periodic surveillance testing that simulates, as closely as practicable,the required safety function performance. In general, abnormal environmental conditions such as seismicevents,radiation fields, extreme pressures,temperatures, and moisture conditions are covered by designqualification provided unexpected degradation has not occurred. Testing of equipment for externalenvironments ,is not within the scope of periodic surveillance testings; therefore, the environments need notbe simulated. Testing provision shall be designed to demonstrate the functional capability of the items undertest during normal enviornmental conditions.
2) Test equipment interfaces and installed test equipment shall not cause a loss of independence between redundant channels or load groups. Equipment included in the safety system for test purposes shall beincluded in the determination of system availability.
3)Safety systems should be designed with due consideration of the impact of testing on plant availability,maintainability, operation, operational mode, and limiting conditions for operation.Coincidence logic maybe provided where necessary to fullfill this provision.
4)Testability shall be considered in the selection of all components of the safety system.Sensors should be accessible and, where practicable, installed such that their calibration can be verified in place. When selectingactuation devices, their status indication capability shall be considered.
5) Design shall provide for the functional testing capability of the safety system. Simultaneous testing of the system from sensor to actuated equipment is the preferred method.However, where this is not practical, the system design shall provide overlap testing capability. For example, testing an instrument channel and logiccircuits separate from their actuator devices is acceptable.IEEE 338 pdf download.

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