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IEEE 333-1980 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Electrical Installations on Packaging Machinery and Associated Equipment.
Elementary (Schematic) Diagram. (SeeFig 1)
(1)On a packaging machine having onlyone motor and one starter,the diagram nor-mally furnished with the starter shall be con-sidered adequate,provided the diagram showsall of the electrical equipment on the apparatus.
(2) Where more than one motor starter orother electrical device is used (if motor andcontrolsare not entirely independent),anelementary diagram shall be furnished.
( 3) The elementary diagram shall show allelectrical equipment in the control system,using electrical symbols (see 3.1.6). Limit,pressure,float,flow , temperature-sensitive, andsimilar switch symbols shall be shown on theelementary diagram with all utilities turned off (electric power,air,gas,oil,water,lubrica-tion,etc ) and with the equipment at its normalstarting position.
(4) The elementary diagram shall be markedwith the machine manufacturer’s name,issuedate,and the machine model to identify themachine to which the diagram applies.
(5) The elementary diagram shall be drawnwith vertical lines to represent the source ofcontrol power,and all control devices shall beshown between these lines. All actuating coilsshall be shown on the right-hand side.
EXCEPTION: Electronicdiagrams may be drawnbetween horizontal lines representing the source ofpower.
(6) The position of the symbols on thediagram should be arranged for clarity and neednot indicate their physical location on theapparatus.
(7) The symbols for all devices shall beidentified by a letter or numberletter combination (See Figs 1 and 2 and Section 20).
(8) Each electrically common point shallbe identified by a discrete number.
(9) All relay coils,actuating devices,etc,shall be identified and cross-indexed,so thattheir associated contacts can be readily locatedon the diagram.
(10)Voltage or current data,or both,thatfacilitate trouble shooting shall be indicated onthe diagram.Oscilloscope traces, showing waveform with peakto-peak voltages,should begiven in cases where meter readings will notgive an accurate indication of the performanceof a component or circuit. The sensitivity ofthe measuring instruments and the conditionof the circuit at the time of measurement shallbe given when critical.
(11) Limit switch actuation and functionshall be shown on the diagram.
(12) Additional charts or diagrams shouldbe used to indicate the position of multiple-contact devices,such as drum,cam,and selector switches.
Block Diagram. Where the complexityof the control system warrants,a block dia-gram of control functions should be furnished.Each blockshall be identified and crossreferenced in such a manner that its internalcircuitry may be readily found on the elementary diagram.IEEE 333 pdf download.

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