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IEEE 149-1979 pdf free.IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Antennas.
Power transfer from generator to antenna is controlled by the input impedance to the antenna. This importantparameter frequently limits the useful bandwidth of the antenna.Measurement procedures and network descriptionsappropriate from low to microwave frequencies are presented in Section 16.
An important class of antennas relies on ground to enhance the received signal. In this case the ground shall beconsidered as an integral part of the antenna.The modification of antenna concepts and additional data on the ground-wave propagation are presented in Section 17.
The antenna and its associated circuits rather than the capacity of the transmitter generator may limit the amount ofpower, either average power or peak power, that can be effectively radiated. It is desirable therefore to determine theselimitations as well as the environmental factors that may modify them independently of the system context. Proceduresfor testing power-handling capacity are outlined in Section 18.
Another concern to the antenna engineer is that of radiation hazards. It is well known that radio-frequency (rf) fieldsof sufficient intensity can cause damage to biological tissue.Therefore it is usually necessary to determine the level ofthe radiation intensity in the vicinity of antennas radiating high radio-frequency power so that appropriate safetyprecautions can be taken before personnel enter the area.This important aspect of antenna measurements is discussedin Section 19.
Mechanical or structural properties along with environmental factors are described in Section 20.Because theseproperties are so varied and specialized in nature,no attempt has been made to include descriptions of actualmeasurements in this test procedure.The environmental impact of an antenna is also an important consideration for theantenna engineer. One aspect of environmental impact is that of aesthetics. Large antenna structures are necessarilyconspicuous, and their appearance is of concern to those who live in their vicinity.This is particularly true in an urbansetting.Since the aesthetic quality of the antenna structure is highly subjective it is beyond the scope of this documentto suggest any evaluation procedure.
Throughout this test procedure an attempt has been made to discuss measurement techniques as thoroughly as ispracticable.However,in general step-by-step procedural descriptions have been avoided.References are providedwhich are illustrative of measurement techniques and in which details may be found.Because measurementtechniques undergo continuing refinement,the reader should be alert to references on the subject of antennameasurement that will have appeared after this test procedure was prepared.IEEE 149 pdf download.

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