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IEEE 112-1991 pdf free.IEEE Standard Test Procedure for Polyphase Induction Motorsand Generators.
IEEE 112 3.1 Types of Tests.Polyphase induction machines are normally given a routine test, butthey may also be given additional tests. For typical routine tests refer to NEMA MG1-1987[B3], parts 12 and 20.
A typical form for reporting routine test data is shown in Appendix A. A typical form forreporting additional test data is shown in Appendix B. Choice of Tests.A complete list of tests covered by this standard is given in the table ofcontents.Alternate methods are described for making many of the tests suitable for different sizes and types of machines and different conditions. In some cases, the preferredmethod is indicated.
The schedule of factory and field tests that may be required on new equipment is nor-mally specified by applicable standards or by contract specifications. The manufacturer’schoice of method for factory or field tests on new equipment will govern in lieu of prioragreement or contract specification.
Use of This Standard.After the test method is chosen, all necessary data may be ob-tained by following the instructions and precautions given in the subsection describing thetest. Many of these subsections include alternate methods for obtaining the necessary data.Unless otherwise specified, the manufacturer may choose the method best suited to the fa-cilities available. It is anticipated that the development of improved practices and newequipment, such as electronic and automatic devices,will result in new or improved meth-ods of carrying out the intent of these test procedures. New or modified methods may beused as substitutes when their results have been shown to be reliable and consistent withthose obtained by the methods given in these test procedures.
Test With Load. ‘Tests with load are made for the determination of efficiencey, powerfactor,speed,current,and temperature rise.Some of the miscellaneous tests outlined inSection 9 are also made with load.For all tests with load, the machine shall be properlyaligned and securely fastened.For readings to be used in performance determinations,the machine temperature rise shall be some value between 50% and 100% of rated temperature rise. The usual procedure is to take readings at higher loads first and then follow withreadings at lower loads.IEEE 112 pdf download.

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