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IEEE 112-1984 pdf free. IEEE Standard Test Procedure for Polyphase Induction Motors and Generators.
IEEE 112 Polyphase induction ma-chines are normally given a routine test,butmay be given additional tests.
For typical routine tests refer to ANSI/NEMA MG1-1978[5],2 parts 12 and 20.A typical form for reporting routine testdata is shown in Section 8,Form A-1.Atypical form for reportingadditional testdata is shown in Section 8, Form A-2.Choice of Tests. A complete list of the testscovered by this standard is given in the Tableof Contents. Alternate methods are described for making many of the tests,suitable fordifferent sizes and types of machines and dif-ferent conditions. In some cases, the preferredmethod is indicated.
The schedule of factory and field tests whichmay be required on new equipment is normallyspecified by applicable standards or by contractspecifications.The manufacturer’s choice ofmethod for factory or field tests on newequipment will govern,in lieu of prior agree-ment or contract specification.Use of this Standard. After the methodof test is chosen,all necessary data may be ob-tained by following the instructions and pre-cautions given only in those subsections whichcontain,in their left-hand margins,the letterdesignating the method selected. For example:when testing by Method B,reference needbe made only to the paragraphs opposite theletter“B”or the word“All,” which will beemployed to designate subsections commonto all methods. Many of these subsections include alternate methods for obtaining thenecessary data.Unless otherwise specified, themanufacturer maychoose the method bestsuited to the facilities available in such cases.3.4 Precautions During Test.Since the performance of an induction machine is dependentnot only upon the value of voltage and frequency but also on the wave shape and thebalance in magnitude and phase angle of thevoltages,correct data can be obtained onlyby careful measurement and by employinga suitable source of power. (See 4.1.1.)
Rapid changes in frequencycannot be tolerated on input-output tests,assuch variations are transmitted to the output-measuring devices. Any departure from assumed frequency directly affects the efficiencyobtained by Methods A or B. For these meth-ods,the frequencyshall be measured (orknown to be) within 0.5% of the specified testvalue.
Instrument Selection. The instru-ments used in electrical measurements shall beselected to give indications well up on thescale,that is,where a fraction of a division iseasilyestimated and where such a fraction isa small percentage of the value read.4
Instrument ‘Transformers. When cur-rent and potential instrument transformersare used,corrections shall be made for ratioerrors in voltage and current measurementsand for ratio and phase-angle errors in powermeasurements.4
Voltage.The phase voltages shall beread at the motor terminals. Tests may bemade where the voltage unbalance does not ex-ceed ± 0.5%.The percent voltage unbalanceequals 100 times the maximum voltage devia-tion from the average voltage divided by theaverage voltage. IEEE 112 pdf download.

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