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IEEE 11-1980 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Rotating Electric Machinery for Rail and Road Vehicles.
IEEE 11 This standard appliesunder the following conditions:
Altitude. All temperature tests at themanufacturer’s plant shall be made at the sea-level rating. No correction in rating is neces-sary when normal service altitude does notexceed 1200 meters (4000 feet). A reductionin current rating of 1 percent shall be made foreach 300 meters (1000 feet) additional elevation or fraction thereof.
Temperature. Whenever the tempera-ture in the shade exceeds 40°c, special stipulations may be agreed upon by the manufacturerand the purchaser.
Special Conditions.The manufacturershall be informed by the purchaser of any particularlyarduous condition such as dust,humidity , temperature, snow, dynamic effects,etc, under which the machines are intended towork.
Type Tests.Type tests to establish rat-ings and characteristics shall be carried out onall new products. The number of type testsshall be one for every order for a new type, upto 100 machines on the order,and one forevery additional 300 machines (or part thereof)for larger orders,unless otherwise agreed tobetween manufacturer and purchaser. Machinesgiven type tests shall also be given routine tests.Routine Tests. Routine tests shall becarried out on all machines. They include thedielectric test (Section 7) and the overspeedtest (Section 9) in every case. Requirementsfor commutation tests (Section 8) and char-acteristic tests (Section 10) shall be met by oneof the methods given below. Routine tests shallbe preceded by a heating-up run. In no case doroutine tests require precise temperature measurements.
Load test may be used to demon-strate commutation and characteristics di-rectly.
Simulated load test may be usedto demonstrate that the factors that affectcommutation and characteristics agree withidentical tests on machines that have had typetest.On machines produced in largequantity and assembled by precision methods,statistical methods may be used to determinethe number of machines subject to commuta-tion and characteristic tests.The quality con-trol and sampling plan may be subject to agreement between manufacturer and purchaser.3.3 Electric Inputs or Outputs
Direct-current motors supplied fromrectified polyphase alternating current withnot less than 6-pulse rectification withoutphase control are considered to be operatingon smooth current. No correction is neededfrom tests run on smooth current.
Direct-current motors supplied fromrectified single-phase alternating current orfrom pulsecontrol devices are considered to beoperating on undulating current. Type testsfor temperature rise,commutation,character-istics,and efficiency shall be made with un-dulating current with pulsation frequency andripple as in service.Tests with smooth currentmay also be run.
Alternating-current machines that op-erate with essentiallysinusoidal waveformshould be tested under those conditions.IEEE 11 pdf download.

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