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IEEE 1048-1990 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines.
IEEE 1048 ground, personal. A portable device designed to connect (bond) a deenergized conductor or piece of equipment, or both, to an electrical ground. Distinguished from a master ground in that it is utilized at the immediate site when work is to be performed on a conductor or piece of equipment that could accidentally becomeenergized. Synonyms: ground stick; working ground.ground rod. A rod that is driven into the ground to serve as a ground terminal, such as a copper-clad rod,solid copper rod, galvanized iron rod, or galvanized iron pipe.Copperclad steel rods are commonly used during conductor stringing operations to provide a means of obtaining an electrical ground using portablegrounding devices. Synonym: ground electrode.
ground, running. A portable device designed to connect a moving conductor or wire rope, or both, to anelectrical ground. These devices are normally placed on the conductor or wire rope adjacent to the pullingand tensioning equipment located at either end of a sag section.Primarily used to provide safety for personnelduring construction or reconstruction operations. Synonyms: ground roller; moving ground; rolling ground;traveling ground.
ground, structure base (temporary). A portable device designed to connect (bond) a metal structure to anelectrical ground.Primarily used to provide safety for personnel during construction, reconstruction, or main-tenance operations. Synonyms: butt ground; ground chain; structure ground; tower ground.
ground, traveler. A portable device designed to connect a moving conductor or wire rope, or both, to anelectrical ground. Primarily used to provide safety for personnel during construction or reconstruction oper-ations. This device is placed on the traveler (sheave, block, etc.) at a strategic location where an electricalground is required.Synonyms: block ground; rolling ground; sheave ground.
induction, electrostatic(electric coupling). A common misnomer. There is no IEEE definition for electro-static. The term static implies “at rest”or not varying with time. Therefore, this term may be construed tomean induced potential or current resulting from an object being placed in a dc electric field, but often theterm is loosely used to include ac field effects.
induction (coupling).The process of generating time-varying voltages and/or currents in otherwise unener-gized conductive objects or electric circuits by the influence of the time-varying electric and or magneticfields.
electric field induction (capacitive coupling). The process of generating voltages or currents or both in aconductive object or electric circuit by means of time-varying electric fields.IEEE 1048 pdf download.

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