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BS 8000-6:1990 pdf free.Workmanship onbuilding sites — Code of practice for slating andtiling of roofs and claddings.
BS 8000-6 Check in particular that:
a) timber battens and counterbattens are to thespecified size and condition and the preservativetreatment if specified is of the correct type;
b) roofing underlay is of the specified type;c) roof tiles or slates are of the specified profile,texture and colour;
d) roof tile and slate fittings are of the specifiedprofile, texture and colour;
e) mechanical fixing clips and/or nails are of thespecified material and size;
f) accessories such as dry roofing systems, eavesfiller and ventilation products are of the specifiedprofile, colour and type.
COMMENTARY.Battens can be preservativetreated with either water based copper / chromium/ arsenic, e.g.CCA,(green stain)or solvent based (clear stain) materials. Roofingunderlays and roof tiles, slates and fittings can be identified by their third party certification marR.Allother proprietary materials should be checked to identify them by manufacturer’s labelling on theproducts delivered. Handling, Unload and handle tiles, slatesand fittings with care to avoid damage, soiling orbreakage.Storage (on ground)
a)Store concrete, clay tiles, natural slates andfittings with wrappings and banding in place on afirm, even base free from soiling.
b)Store fibre cement slates and fittings on a firm,even base free from soiling.
General.Obtain assurances that thefollowing provisions have been satisfactorily provided for, prior to the commencement of the roofcovering work.
a) Liaise with other contractors and agree timingand sequence of work with other trades, e.g.sheetmetal workers for flashings.
b) Agree requirements for and provision of sufficient working space, e.g.sorting and gradingnatural slates; plant hoisting facilities; mortaringmaterials; access; safety; services and security.c)Ensure that necessary work by other contractors is or will be sufficiently complete andnot delay the continuity of work or leave uncompleted work vulnerable to damage byinclement weather.
COMMENTARY.It is essential to ensure that thereis no path whereby smoke or flame can penetratefrom one side of the wall to the other. In somespecifications it is required to encapsulate the battens, which are carried over the party wall tightlyin the non-combustible material.In all cases it isnecessary to avoid lifting of the tiles or slates at theparty wall.BS 8000-6 pdf download.

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