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BS 8000-2.2:1990 pdf free.Workmanship onbuilding sites —Code of practice for concretework—Sitework with in situ andprecast concrete.
BS 8000-2.2 Caution.When cement is mixed with water, alkali isreleased.Take precautions to avoid dry cemententering the eyes, mouth and nose when mixingconcrete.Prevent skin contact with wet cement orconcrete by wearing suitable protective clothing.Ifcement or concrete enters the eye, immediately wash it out thoroughly with clean water and seekmedical treatment without delay. Wash wet concrete off the skin immediately.
It is important to observe all aspects of safety onsite.For general guidance on safety with concrete construction see “A guide for small contractors.Sitesafety and concrete construction”issued by the Health and Safety Executive [1].
For particular health and safety measures to beobserved when handling cement and concrete seeConstruction Industry Advisory Committee:“Hazard information sheet I Cement”[2].
Before discharge, check delivery tickets and certificates against the specification and examine marks and labels and condition of the material andcomponents. If not satisfied refer to the supplier immediately.
For materials used for site mixed concrete, makereference to BS 8000-2.1.Check materials andcomponents before installation or use and do notinstall or use materials that have been damaged orthat have become defective whilst stored on site.
a) Avoid rough handling, shock loading anddropping from a height.
b)Keep clean by sheeting overall if necessary.c) Store reinforcements off the ground on supports close enough together to preventpermanent deformation.
d) Do not permit rust to such an extent that theeffective cross-sectional area of the reinforcementis reduced to below the permissible negativetolerance. If necessary loosely cover the steel toexclude the rain; but allow good circulation of airall round the steel.
e)Store different sizes separately from each otherand ensure that they are clearly labelled.
COMMENTARY.Dirt or grease prevents a proper bondwith the concrete; any badly misshapen bars shouldnot be re-shaped on site without the permission andsupervision of the specifying authority.
Unless rust is so heavy as to reduce the effectivecross-sectional area of the reinforcement to below thepermitted negative tolerance, it is not deleterious.Loose rust is removed by normal handling and anyrust left adhering to the reinforcement does notreduce the bond.BS 8000-2.2 pdf download.

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