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BS 1006:1990 pdf free.Methods of test for Colour fastness oftextiles and leather.
BS 1006 Exposure rack, facing south in the Northernhemisphere, north in the Southern hemisphere andsloping at an angle from the horizontal approximately equal to the latitude of the place where the exposure is made.The rack shall be sitedpreferably in a non-residential, non-industrial areafree from dust and automobile exhaust fumes.The rack shall be placed so that shadows of surrounding objects, including any framing, will notfall on the exposed materials and constructed so that the latter are firmly held.There shall be adequate ventilation behind the mounted specimensand the rack shall be covered with window glass to protect the specimens from rain and other elementsof the weather.The transparency of the glass used shall be at least 90 % between 380 nm, and 750 nm,falling to 0 % between 310 nm and 320 nm.
The minimum permissible distance between theglass and the surface of the specimens is 5 cm. Inorder to minimize shadows due to the varying angleof the sun, the usable exposure area under the glassis limited to that of the glass cover reduced on each
side by twice the distance from the glass cover to thespecimen.
Opaque cardboard, or other thin opaquematerial, for example thin sheet aluminium, orcardboard covered with aluminium foil, or, in thecase of pile fabrics, a cover that avoids surfacecompression.
Grey scale for assessing change in colour, inaccordance with ISO 105-A02.
Expose the specimen (or group of specimens) andthe references simultaneously for 24 h per dayunder the conditions described in 4.2.1, in such amanner and for such times as are necessary toevaluate fully the colour fastness of each specimenrelative to that of the references, by successivelycovering the specimens and exposed referencesthroughout the duration of the test. Four suggestedmethods follow.
This method is considered the most satisfactory and shall be used in cases of disputeover the numerical rating.The basic feature is thecontrol of the exposure periods by inspection of thespecimen and, therefore, one set of references isrequired for each specimen under test.Arrange the specimen to be tested and thereferences as shown in Figure 2 with an opaquecover AB across the middle one-third of the specimen and references. Expose to daylight underthe conditions described in 4.2.1.Follow the effect oflight by removing the cover AB and inspecting thespecimen frequently. When a change can be
perceived equal to grey scale 4-5, note the numberof the reference showing a similar change. (This is apreliminary assessment of colour fastness.) At thisstage attention shall be given to the possibility ofphotochromism (see ISO 105-B05).BS 1006 pdf download.

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