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BS 5974:1990 pdf free.Code of practice for Temporarily installedsuspended scaffolds andaccess equipment.
BS 5974 Lashings should have no significant defects and beof steel wire rope of not less than 6 mm diameter.They may be formed with a thimble eye at one endwith the other suitably terminated to prevent unlaying. Wire suspension and safety ropes of 8 mm diameterand above, where used with winches, should comply with BS 302 : Part 2. Wire suspension andsafety ropes of less then 8 mm diameter, but ofadequate strength where used with winches,should comply with the testing and interpretationrequirements of BS 302.Wire ropes used for climbing devices other thanwinches should preferably comply with BS 302:Part 2, but,where a special size or form of construction is required by the manufacturer of thedevice, such a rope should be of good quality andshould be replaced, when damaged, only by ropesof the same type.
Natural fibre ropes should comply with BS 2052,grade 1 special quality manila or equivalent.Traversing ropes may be of sisal. Natural fibre suspension ropes or safety ropesshould not be less than 18 mm diameter. Theyshould be free from serious defects arising fromprevious use or other cause.
Natural fibre ropes should not be used where theywill be subject to attack by aggressive chemicals.Instead man-made fibre ropes constructed ofmaterials resistant to the chemicals being usedshould be utilized. Advice should be obtained fromthe cordage supplier. Hot gases from blow lamps and similar heat sourcesmay cause fibre embrittlement in natural fibre
cordage exposed to them, and this should be bornein mind when selecting ropes.
Appropriate man-made fibre ropes are recommended for use where aggressive chemicalsare in use. Advice should be obtained from thecordage supplier. Such ropes should comply with appropriate British Standards and should be of thesame size as natural fibre ropes recommended in 6.6.1 and of a similar texture to provideadequate grip when either wet or dry (only alimited number of man-made fibre ropes possessthis characteristic and they are related to BS 4928).lf ropes are coloured for identification, care shouldbe taken to ensure that the strength of the rope isnot impaired.
Man-made fibre ropes have a lower fireperformance than natural fibre ropes (but see 6.6.1) and special care should be exercisedwhere such ropes are being used by operators working with blow lamps or burners or other heatsources, including lighting.BS 5974 pdf download.

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