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BS EN 39:2001 pdf free.Loose steel tubes for tube and coupler scaffolds— Technicaldelivery conditions.
BS EN 39 The test shall be carried out in accordance with EN 10233.The tube section shall be flattened with the weld,for successive tests, or, for tubes supplied with specific inspection, successive test units, placed alternately,at 0° or 90 to the direction of flattening.When only one test unit is to be tested, the position of the weld is at the discretion of the manufacturerunless otherwise agreed.The distance between the platens,measured under load,shall not be greater than 75 % of the originaloutside diameter of the tube and no cracks or flaws observed.The test shall be continued until the distancebetween the platens, measured under load, is not more than 60 % of the original outside diameter and nocracks or flaws observed in the metal elsewhere than in the weld.
NOTE Slight premature cracking at the edges would not be deemed to affect compliance with this standard.
Bare tubes shall be visually examined to ensure conformity to the requirements of 7.3.
Specified dimensions of bare tubes, including straightness, shall be verified.
The outside diameter shall be measured with a gauge.
The inside diameter of tubes shall be checked by the insertion of a gauge of 37,7 mm diameter for aminimum length of 200 mm.
Tubes shall be marked by impression at linear intervals not exceeding 1,5 m. The height of the charactersshall be at least 4,0 mm and the impression shall be such as to ensure legibility and durability for theanticipated lifetime of the product.
NOTE The legibility and durability should normally be achieved with a depth of impression of at least 0,2 mm.
Option 7 the depth of impression shall be at least 0,2 mm with inspection requirements in accordancewith the manufacturers procedure.The marking shall be legible after a coating in accordance with clause 13 has been applied.
The tubes shall be hot dip galvanized unless options 8,9 or 10 are specified. The galvanizing shall be eitherin accordance with EN 10240 to coating quality B2 or in accordance with EN ISO 1461(Table 2), except thatthe marking requirements shall be in accordance with clause 12.BS EN 39 pdf download.

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