ASTM F2571-15 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM F2571-15 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics ofFitness Equipment.
Inspect each adjustment or locking point on thesample machine and ensure that it positively locks into positionand that it cannot be disengaged unless the retention system isintentionally deactivated. Examples of positive retention de-vices include,but are not limited to spring activated pins,clamps or eccentric assemblies. Verify that each adjustmentand locking mechanism has a functioning positive retentiondevice.
Perform the exercise as described in the operationinstructions and note the user’s body position relative to theadjustment or locking means.At no point during the user’srange of movement shall the adjustment or locking meansinterfere or limit the movement of the user’s body. The lockingdevice shall not be inadvertently disengaged during use.During this observation consider the effects of users of different size or body make up.
Retention or locking mechanismsthat do not function according to the instructions provided bythe manufacturer shall fail the test. Retention or lockingmechanisms that interfere, or limit the movement of the userduring normal operation of the machine shall fail the test.No information is presentedabout either the precision or bias of the test for evaluatingadjustment/locking system design and function since the testresult is nonquantitative.This test is a visual and physical inspection of thehandgrips used on the sample.The purpose is to ensure that thehandgrip design maintains the user’s grip, remains in positionand,in the case of rotating handgrips,is retained againstunintended movement during use of the machine.The sample shall be set up asdescribed in 6.1. To facilitate this test a separate handgripllifting mechanism replicating the system used on the machinecan be set up on a separate test stand.A method of applying tothe handgrips a steady state force equal to 90 N (20.2 lb) alongthe longitudinal direction of the grip shall be used.A method of applying moisture to the grip, such as a spray bottle, shall be provided.
Inspect the sample machine and determine if integral handgrip locations are marked on the machine and that they maintain the grip position when dry. Spray the grip surface with water. Allow the water to remain on the surface and absorb for 5 min.ASTM F2571 pdf download.

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