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ASTM F2389-17 pdf free.Standard Specification for Pressure-rated Polypropylene (PP) Piping Systems.
Thermal Stability and Oxidative Induction Time (or)—Pipe and fittings shall meet the requirements of 8.4.1-thermal
stability by hydrostatic testing,and 8.4.2-oxidative inductiontime.
When tested in accordance with Test Method D1598,pipe and fittings shall not fail at the pressure corresponding tothe pipe circumferential stresses and times given in Table 10for PP-R and PP-RCT. If an assembly fails at a joint, the fittingmaterial shall be permitted to be retested in pipe form.
The oxidative induction time (OIT) shall be deter-mined on pipe and fittings in accordance with Test MethodD3895.Two specimens shall be tested and the average OIT ofthe two shall be at least 80 % of the OIT of the virgin materialcompound. For those materials which require final blending atthe extruder (masterbatch/resin),the 80% OIT requirementshall be based on the OIT of the pipe sample which has alsopassed the hydrostatic testing of 8.4.1 or a pipe sample of thesame formulation containing no rework.Initial qualification of changes to materials that have met therequirements of this section may be evaluated based on limited hydrostatictesting and comparison of OIT values.When tested in accordancewith 9.1,at the hoop stresses and temperatures given in Table11 , assemblies of pipe and fittings shall not fail during the testperiod specified.Plastic-to-metal transition fittings,in-tended to be used at temperatures above 113°F(45C) shall notseparate or leak during or after being thermocycled 1000 timesbetween the temperatures of 60°F and 180°F (16°C and 82°C).Transition fittings which meet the thermal cycling require-ments of ISO 15874-5 for the intended application class areexempt from this requirement. Fittings shall be assembled withpipe per the manufacturer’s instructions, and tested in accor-dance with 9.2.
Oxidative Stability in Potable Chlorinated WaterApplications—PP piping intended for use in the transport ofpotable water shall have a minimum extrapolated time-to-timefailure of 50 years when tested and evaluated in accordancewith 9.3.
Hydrostatic Tests——Test pipe and fitting assemblies inaccordance with Test Method D1598, at the hoop stresses andtemperatures given in Table 11.An assembly shall consist of atleast 4 pipe specimens and 6 fitting joints. For testing valves,the assembly shall include at least 3 valves in the shut-offposition (seat test) and 3 valves in the open or partially openposition (shell test).Assemblies used in testing of manifoldsshall include a minimum of 6 of each type of manifoldconnection.Valves shall be tested in accordance with, and complywith the requirements of each of the following tests of ISo9393-2.ASTM F2389 pdf download.

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