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ASTM F2020-02a (R2009) pdf free.Standard Practice for Design, Construction, and Procurement of EmergencyMedical Services Systems (EMSS)Ambulances.
This practice covers certified,tested,commercial type,EMSS ambulances built on chassis that are suitable for theintended application and meet the requirements herein. Theambulances are front or rear wheel driven (4×2) or four wheeldriven (4×4) and warranted as specified in Section 9.
An ambulance is a vehiclefor emergency medical care which provides: a driver’s com-partment; a patient compartment to accommodate an emer-gency medical technician (EMT)paramedic and two litterpatients (one patient located on the primary cot and a secondary patient on a folding litter located on the squad bench) sopositioned that the primary patient can be given intensivelife-support during transit; equipment and supplies for emergency care at the scene as well as during transport;twowayradio communication; and,when necessary,equipment forlight rescuelextrication procedures. The ambulance shall bedesigned and constructed to afford safety, comfort,and avoidaggravation of the patient’s injury or illness.
This practice may be used to procure an ambulanceand the applicable additional systems and equipment.
Purchasers should follow the ordering data in 9.2 toaid them with the preparation of their procurementspecification,requisition,and contract.The purpose of thispractice is to describe minimum requirements for design,construction, performance, equipment, testing, and appearanceof EMSS ambulances that are authorized to display the“Star ofLife” symbol so as to provide a practical degree of standard-ization.The reasons for such standardization are to provideambulances that are easily detected,nationally recognizable,properly constructed,casily maintained,and,when appropriately equipped,will enable Emergency Medical Technicians(EMTs) to safely and reliably perform their functions as basicand advanced prehospital life support providers as set forth innational EMSS standard training guidelines.These functionsinclude: Responding to,providing appropriate basic or advanced life support, onsite, to persons reported experiencingacute injury or illness in a pre-hospital setting, and transportingthem, while continuing such life support care, to an appropriatemedical facility for definitive care.Providing interhospital critical transport care.Transporting essential personnel and equipment toand from the site of a multiple medical emergency or a triagesite and transporting appropriately triaged patients to designated medical facilities.
Other functions deemed appropriate by EMSS ambulance service managers and approved by designated EMSSmedical directors.ASTM F2020 pdf download.

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