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ASTM E867-06 (2020) pdf free.Standard Terminology Relating toVehicle-Pavement Systems.
This terminology covers definitions for approved standards under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E17 onVehicle-Pavement Systems. Definitions of terms specific to anindividual standard are listed in the appendix. For additionalinformation,see Terminology D8,Terminology F538,SpecialReport 113,and SAEJ2047, or contact ISO, PIARC, or CEN.1.2 Other publications may reference this terminology forterms used therein.The standard containing the term and the responsiblesubcommittee of Committee El7 is listed at the end of eachdefinition. Revision of the listed standard by that subcommitteewill include review of the definition and approved changes oradditions will be incorporated herein.The terms in this terminology standard are listed incategories of the five groups of Committee E17.These aredefinitions that are in multiple standards in various subcom-mittees in Groups ll to V.The structure of El7 is as follows:Group ll on Skid Resistance,E17.21,E17.22,E17.23,E17.24,Group mI Roughness E17.31,E17.32,Group IV PavementManagement E17.41,and Group v Intelligent TransportationSystems E17.51,E17.52,E17.54.
This terminology lists the definition as presented in theapproved standards. Variation of any term is also listed andreferenced to the defined term (for example the termydroplaning, viscous is also listed and referenced to thedefined viscous hydroplaning).
The term and its elements should appear in the follow-ing order;term; abbreviation; symbol; dimensions ofquantities,measurement units; part of a speech; delimitingphrase; statement of meaning,including specifications limitswhere applicable; cross references to synonyms or relatedterms; attribution.This international standard was developed in accor-dance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards,Guides and Recommendations issued by the World Trade Organization TechnicalBarriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.Referenced Documents2.1 ASTM Standards:D8 Terminology Relating to Materials for Roads and Pavements. E274 Test Method for Skid Resistance of Paved SurfacesUsing a Full-Scale Tire.E556 Test Method for Calibrating a Wheel Force or TorqueTransducer Using a Calibration Platform (User Level).E950 Test Method for Measuring the Longitudinal Profile ofTraveled Surfaces with an Accelerometer-Established In-ertial Profiling Reference.ASTM E867 pdf download.

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