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ASTM E761-92 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Sprayed Fire-Resistive MaterialApplied to Structural Members.
Drying Oven,capable of maintaining temperature andhumidity conditions during the specimen curing cycle,inaccordance with the SFRM manufacturers’published requirements.
This test method requires the application of SFRM inaccordance with manufacturers’ published instructions. Theapparatus, materials,and procedures used to apply the SFRMfor this test shall be representative of application in the field.6.2 The density of the prepared sample shall be similar tothe density tested and reported during the Test Methods E119and Test Method E84 fire exposure tests or as required by thesponsor of the test.
Determine the density and thickness of each of thelaboratory-prepared specimens. Report in accordance with TestMethods E605/E605M.The test specimen shall be SFRM applied to galvanizedsteel sheet,1.5 mm [0.060 in. (16 ga.)] minimum thickness,175 mm by 600 mm [7 in. by 24 in.]. Clean with solvent toremove any oil on the surface to be sprayed, in accordance withGuide D2092.Testing may be performed after it has been determinedthat the specimen has reached constant weight.
7.5 Where necessary,even the surface of the specimen attwo areas 150 mm [6 in.] square at opposite ends of thespecimen with an appropriate capping material such aspolyurethane, epoxy, polyester, or other similar materials.Thetop plane of the capping material shall not exceed the thickestpoint of the test area of a test specimen with an irregularsurface by more than 1.3 mm [0.05 in.].Make two compression tests at opposite ends of the testspecimen. Make one density test on the specimen.
Other types of non-compressible backing may be used ifspecified.
Apply the load perpendicular to the face of the testspecimen, with the bearing block on top of the specimen.Theinitial thickness of the test specimen for deformation calcula-tions shall be the distance between the plane bearing surface ofthe block assembly and the steel (backing) plane,after aninitial load of 0.7 kPa [0.1 psi] has been applied to thespecimen.
The speed of the moving head of the testing machineshall be not more than 1.3 mm [0.05 in.]/min.Compress thespecimen until either a deformation of 10 % or ultimate load isreached, whichever occurs first.ASTM E761 pdf download.

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