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ASTM E725-96 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Sampling Granular Carriers and Granular Pesticides.
1 Sampling Packages When sampling material that is contained in a number of packages, Table 1 is a guide to the minimum number of packages (selected at random) to be sampled.
2 Sampling During Production- Collect production control samples as the product leaves the blender, or as it is packaged, taking  portions at sufficient, regularly spaced intervals to obtain a total sample size representing a minimum of 0.1 %  of the product. Combine the samples to form a uniform gross sample. Avoid attrition if a sieve analysis is to be performed.
3.1rab Sampling- This procedure may be used for sampling from freight bunkers, hoppers, bins, cars, conveyors,drums, and bags. Use a shovel or scoop and a suitable container. Granules are generally heterogeneous and can be more representatively sampled during unloading of the material. Combine portions obtained at frequent and regular intervals to form a uniform gross sample.
3.2 Grab sampling should not be used for materials that may have undergone segregation unless complete sweeps of belts or discharge streams are taken at appropriate times.
4 Grain Probe Sampling- A grain probe (thief or trier)may be used for sampling bulk material. Bulk material is best sampled by the procedure described by Scott: “On a line through the center of the holder lengthwise, take portions with the probe every five feet. Repeat the operation on each of two lines parallel with and half way between the line and each side of the holder. Combine all portions for one gross sample.
5.1 Reduce the gross sample to a representative, suitable size for laboratory purposes using a method that provides a final sample that retains the character representation of the original material. Methods such as quartering or rfling are acceptable.
5.2 This procedure yields comparative data. The pass/fail .aspect of the procedure should be determined by applicable specifications.
6. After testing. store all materials in a safe manner and dispose of used material in accordance with product label directions or the material safety data sheets.
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