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ASTM E3090/E3090M-19 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Strength Properties of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems.
1. A test log shall be prepared to record all pertinent data regarding the structural member being evaluated and the principal accessory items used including secondary structural members. The following shall be provided:
1.1 Manufacturer’s name,
1.2 Suspension system identification,
1.3 Test system identification,
1.4 Identification of accessory items including secondary structural members and how used,
1.5 Maximum uniformly distributed load at failure,
2. Precision and Bias- No statement is made on the precision or on the bias of these methods since no data are available at this time that are based on the use of the test methods described.
2.1 Testing Machine- A standard testing machine capable of applying and measuring the required load within an accuracy of 1 % shall be used.
2.2 Attach the test specimen to the testing machine using a fixture designed to prevent local failure or slippage at the attachment point before failure of the connection.
2.3 Fixtures described in 5.2 represent where force may be applied to constrain a test specimen, in order to isolate the failure to the actual connection that is under test. Additional constraints, such as from the use of ceiling tiles or secondary intersection clips, shall not be added to the test set-up.
3.1 The length of each of the two sections of main runner shall be a minimum of 6 in. [150 mm].
3.2 Attach the test specimen to the test fixture, as shown in Fig. 5. Position the testing machine to remove any slack and impose a preload of 5 lbf [22 N] before beginning the test.
3.3 Ensure that the fixtures are in line so that the force is applied axially for a straight tension test with no significant moments induced.
3.4 Increase the applied load at a constant rate until the maximum load is reached. The rate may range from 1 to 10 lb/s [4.4 to 44 N/s] or 0.5 in./min [12.7 mm/min].ASTM E3090 pdf download.

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