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ASTM E2804-11 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Evaluating Emergency Response Robot Capabilities:Mobility: Confined Area Obstacles: Stairs/Landings.
The administrator sets and verifies the test environ-mental conditions.
The operator places the robot at the starting position atthe lower landing of the testing stair set facing the obstacle.9.3.5 The administrator notifies the operator that the safetybelay is available and ensures that the operator has eitherdecided not to use it or assigned a person to handle it.The administrator instructs the operator to begin thetask, starts the timer when the operator begins, and records thetotal elapsed time.
The operator controls the robot to perform the traversing task fully so that the entire robot is on the upper landing.Return to the START point to complete one repetition. Theadministrator records the results on the test form. If the robotfails to complete the task,this constitutes a fault conditionwhere the partially completed task is not credited. The admin-istrator shall pause the overall test time and allow the operatorto interact with the robot, reset the robot back to the start point,and resume the test when the administrator signals. Theadministrator shall note, on the test form, the indication of thefault condition and the time at which the pause occurred andshall provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair report ifany such actions occur.
In the multiple repetition testing situation,follow thespecification in 8.7.The robot repeats 9.3.7 until all repetitionsare completed or until any of the fault conditions, as specifiedin 9.4,occurs.Upon completion of the specified number of repetitions of the task at the apparatus setting, adjust the apparatus tothe next incremental setting and repeat steps 9.3.7 through9.3.8 until either the robot fails to complete the task,or thespecified apparatus setting is successfully negotiated for thespecified number of repetitions.Important notes to be recorded during the test,including particular fault conditions that occurred, the reasonfor abstaining, any observations by the administrator that couldaugment the recorded results in either positive or negativeways, or any comments that the operator requests to be put onthe form.ASTM E2804 pdf download.

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