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ASTM E2713-18 pdf free.Standard Guide to Forensic Engineering.
1. Breadth- Knowledge of engineering principles forms the basis for effectively determining key issues to be analyzed and methods for analysis- in the context of the investigative scope of the case. Physical systems may have different elements that could be analyzed in a particular investigation; experience would show that analysis of many of these elements would provide information not relevant to the investigation. This is revealed in the prescriptive standardized analysis procedures of certain scientific and technical disciplines, which attempt to focus on relevant elements of predictably-behaving systems, and to analyze them in a consistent manner. When appropriate standardized procedures do not exist, engineers rely on their education, training, and experience to craft an investigative plan, sometimes under unique, transitory, or potentially adverse incident site conditions that may preclude testing and peer review  Rigor- Engineering requires a certain level of rigor for any analysis method in use. For complex physical systems,advanced and meticulous analysis methods may be appropriate- but likely only for analyzing certain portions of the system; other portions may be comparatively simple to into account the standards to which the system was held preceding the incident, the standards of care that may exist for conducting such investigations, and the robustness of support (for opinions) that such rigor will provide.
2. Comment- Each forensic engineering investigation is unique and may evolve in direction and complexity. In this scenario, the engineer may decide to pursue a course of analysis that is tangential to his or her existing experiencegenerally, this is how experience is gained. Engineering training (in critical thinking, logic, reason, and physics) provides the foundation for conducting both the straightforward and the tangential analyses with a reliance on established engineering principles; the same training informs the decision to initiate further research or to seek the advice of peers.
3. Forensic engineering investigations may involve items of evidence. Inspections of this evidence should be done in a manner that minimizes the alteration or destruction, or both, of such evidence and the information it contains, and that also takes into consideration the interests of other involved parties in conducting their own inspections. Various penalties may be incurred for evidence spoliation. Standardized procedures for conducting inspections should be used, when appropriate.ASTM E2713 pdf download.

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