ASTM D814-95 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D814-95 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Vapor Transmission of Volatile Liquids.
For evaluating the vapor transmission of a particularliquid with respect to a given rubber,three specimens havingthe same nominal thickness within a tolerance of 3 % shallbe tested. The vapor transmission of the liquid shall be taken asthe average of the values obtained from the two rubberspecimens giving the lowest results,providing these checkwithin 20 % of the average so determined.
With the vapor transmission jar in an upright position,place 200 cm3 of the test liquid in it,after which fit the testspecimen over the mouth of the jar,place the ring and wirescreen in position,and screw down the screw ring clamplightly. Hold the assembly in the constant temperature cabinetor room at 23 2C with the test disk lightlyin place until temperature equilibrium is obtained.Then screwdown the ring tightly and allow the assembly to stand in anupright position for 2 h. Make a tare assembly using a duplicatejar and a test specimen of the same size but without theaddition of the test liquid. Place suitable weighting materialsuch as lead shot in the tare jar to bring its mass to approxi-mately that of the assembled jar and contents.Condition thetare jar at the test temperature,seal it,and handle throughoutthe test in a manner similar to that used for the test jar. Placethe test jar on a balance of suitable capacity capable ofweighing to 0.005 g, and counterbalance it against the tare jar,adding weights as required for equilibrium.Take the originalmass of the test assembly as that of the tare corrected for theadded weights and record to the nearest 0.005 g.After weighing, invert each test jar assembly and placeon the rack, supporting each in such a way that the entire innersurface of the specimen remains in contact with the liquidthroughout the test. If the rack is located in a conditioningcabinet, take care to remove diffused vapors from the chamber and to assure free circulation of fresh air by means of a fan orother suitable device.Twenty-four hours after inverting the jar,again weigh it against the tare jar.ASTM D814 pdf download.

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