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ASTM D807-18 may be applied to embrittlement resistance testing of steels other than boiler plate, provided that a duplicate, unexposed specimen does not crack when bent 90° on a 2-in. (51-mm) radius.
For embrittlement cracking of the boiler metal to be possible, the boiler water must concentrate a thousand times or more in contact with the metal under high residual or applied tensile stress. In a boiler such concentration may take place in riveted seams or in annular spaces at tube ends, and the steel at such locations may be highly stressed when the boiler is constructed or may become highly stressed when it is operated. If the chemicals in the boiler water concentrate in the seams to develop an embrittling solution, cracking may occur.
Embrittlement Detector—The embrittlement detector shall consist of the unit, complete with steel specimen, as shown assembled in cross section in Fig. 1 and as the installed unit in Fig. 2. The principal parts consist of a rectangular block base through which the water circulates and in which a groove has been machined to receive the test specimen, a test specimen, and a clamping plate which fits over four stud bolts in the block. When the nuts on the stud bolts are tightened, the pressure of the clamping plate molds the test specimen to the contour of the groove, thus stressing in tension the surface of the specimen. Working drawings showing the dimensions of all the machined parts are shown in Figs. 3-5. Accurate machining of the groove with respect to the small hole through which the boiler water is brought to the test surface of the specimen is especially important.
Mount the detector so that the specimen is vertical, with the adjusting screw at the top (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). Fasten it to a rigid frame by bolts, the holes for which are provided in the back of the detector block. Considerable force is exerted on the stud bolts when a specimen is inserted and when adjustments are made, so that it is necessary for the detector to be solidly fastened. There should be a free space in front and to the sides of the detector to permit inspection and adjustments.

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