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ASTM D731-95 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Molding Index of Thermosetting Molding Powder.
The molding index expressed as the total minimum orce in newtons required to close the mold, with the closing time in seconds as a subscript (for example, 337218 N),Temperature of the mold,Weight of the test sample in grams, and form of sample (loose powder or preform),Thickness of fash or fin measured to the nearest 0.025 mm (0.001 in.),Description of any unusual characteristics of the test sample, such as discoloration and sticking,
Impact strength of the material expressed as Izod in joules per metre of notch in accordance with Test Methods D 256, and Indicate if preforms were necessary to run the test.Table 1 is based on a round robin conducted in 1988 in accordance with Practice E 691 involving ten test samples. Thetest results in Table 1 were from 4 laboratories with each laboratory obtaining four test results for each sample. Caution: The following explanations of r and R (11.3 through 11.3.3) are only intended to present a meaningful way of considering the approximate precision of this test method. The data in Table 1 should not be rigorously applied to the aceptance or rejection of material, as those data are specific to the round robin and may not be representative of other lots, conditions, materials, or laboratories. Ir particular with data from less than six laboratories, the betweenlaboratories results are likely to have a very high degree of error. Users of this test method should apply the principles outlined in the 1987 edition of Practice E 691 to generate data specific to their la boratory and materials or between speeific laboratories. The principles of 11.3 through 11.3.3 would then be valid for such data.  Concept ofr andR- -If S, and S R have been calculatedfrom a large enough body of data, (use Table 1 with caution as .only four laboratories participated) and for test results that were averages from testing four specimens. Repeatability, Limit, Comparing two test results for the same material, obtained by the same operator using the same equipment on the same day, the two test results should be judged not equivalent if they difer by more than the r value for that material.ASTM D731 pdf download.

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