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ASTM D7053-17 pdf free.Standard Guide for Determining and Evaluating Causes of Water Leakage of Low-Sloped Roofs.
Simulating Surface or Flow Ponding——Flow orponding is capable of causing leaks under some circumstanceseven without wind-induced pressure.Simulating Wind-Driven Rain—Wind driven rainproduces leaks because of the kinetic energy of the rain dropsand the differential pressure caused by the wind. Under somewind conditions,rain water deposited on the face of roofcomponent such as base flashing,cap flashing, and so forthmay actually flow upward.Capillary action and absorptionmay also be operative.Testing of isolated areas usually begins at the bottomof the test area, and progresses to the top. Starting at the bottom(that is base flashing) helps eliminate ambiguity about theorigin of a leak that might result from water running down thesurface of the test area.
Once testing produces a leak,theentry point and the path followed by the water within andthrough the roof should be traced. A single entry point maylead to several concealed water paths, or several entry pointsmay merge together internally. Every source must be identifiedif a complete diagnosis and repair is to be developed.Effective diagnostic testing should result inthe identification of entry points. If a leak is induced,onlythose components exposed to the water source need to beconsidered in identifying the entry points. Selective maskingcan then be progressively removed and the roof or its ancillarybuilding elements retested.
It may also be useful to repair a water entry sourceduring a progressive testing program to eliminate it fromfurther consideration during the test.Thorough record keepingof the temporary repairs are necessary if this technique is used.10.5.2 Materials that are useful for selective masking andtemporary selective repairs/patches include duct tape, 6 milclear plastic sheeting, bentonite clay, or other agreed methodsappropriate to the roofing system.
Prepare the report, if requested or as agreed, describingthe conditions under which the evaluation was conducted, themethodology used, the observations and measurements made,and the findings,conclusions,and if required or requestedrecommendations.Reports should be prepared on paper with aletterhead,logo,or some other feature that will make itdistinguishable from copies.ASTM D7053 pdf download.

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