ASTM D7040-04 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D7040-04 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Determination of Low Levels of Phosphorus in ILSAC GF 4 and Similar Grade Engine Oils by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry.
1.Design differences between instruments, ICP excitation sources, and different selected analytical wavelengths for individual spectrometers make it impractical to detail the operating conditions. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for operating the instrument with organic solvents.Set up the instrument for use with the particular dilution solvent chosen.
1.2 Peristaltic Pump- – -Inspect the pump tubing and replace it, if necessary, before starting each day. Verify the solution uptake rate and adjust it to the desired rate.
2.1 Check Standard- Prepare instrument check standards in the same manner as the working standards such that the concentrations of elements in the check standards are similar to the concentrations of elements in the test specimen solutions. It is advisable to prepare the check standard from alternative sources of certified organometallic standards.
2.2 The linear range of all calibration curves shall be determined for the instrument being used. This is accomplished by running intermediate standards between the blank and the working standards and by running standards containing higher concentrations than the working standards. Analyses of test
specimen solutions shall be performed within the linear range of the calibration curve.
2.3 At the beginning of the analysis of each set of test specimen solutions, perform a two-point calibration using the blank and working standard.
2.4 Use the check standard to determine if each element is in calibration. When the results obtained with the check standard are within 5 % (relative) of the expected concentrations for all elements, proceed with the analysis. Otherwise, make any adjustments to the instrument that are necessary and repeat the calibration.
2.5 Calibration curves can be constructed differently, depending on the implementation of internal standard compensation.
2.6 Ensure that the samples and standards are not contaminated by glassware or any other piece of apparatus that could affect the results.ASTM D7040 pdf download.

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