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ASTM D696-03 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Plastics Between – 30°C and 30°C with a Vitreous Silica Dilatometer.
The report shall include the following:Designation of material, including name of manufac-turer and information on composition when known.Method of preparation of test specimen,12.1.3 Form and dimensions of test specimen,12.1.4 Type of apparatus used, Temperatures between which the coefficient of linearthermal expansion has been determined,Average coefficient of linear thermal expansion perdegree Celsius, for the two specimens tested.Location of phase change or transition point tem-peratures, if this is in the range of temperatures used,Complete description of any unusual behavior of thespecimen,for example,differences of more than 10 % inmeasured values of expansion and contraction.13.1 Table 1 is based on a round robin conducted in 1989 inaccordance with Practice E 691 involving nine materials andfive laboratories. For each material, all samples are prepared atone source, but the individual specimens are prepared at thelaboratory that tested them. Each test result is the average oftwo individual determinations. Each laboratory obtained onetest result for each material. Warning—The explanations of“r”and“R”(13.2-13.2.3) only are intended to present ameaningful way of considering the approximate precision ofthis test method.The data presented in Table 1 should not beapplied to the acceptance or rejection of materials, as these dataapply only to the materials tested in the round robin and areunlikely to be rigorously representative of other lots, formulations, conditions,materials, or laboratories.In particular, withdata from less than six laboratories, the between laboratoriesresults are likely to have a very high degree of error. Users ofthis test method should apply the principles outlined in PracticeE691 to generate data specific to their materials and laboratory, or between specific laboratories.The principles of 13.2-13.2.3 then would be valid for such data.
Any judgement in accordance with 13.2.1 or 13.2.2would have an approximate 95 %(0.95) probability of beingcorrect.
There are no recognized plastic reference materials toestimate bias of this test method; however, there are recognizedmetal and ceramic reference materials.
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