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ASTM D665-03 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil inthe Presence of Water.
Just before the test is to be made, subject the test rodto final polishing with 240-grit aluminum oxide cloth.If thepreliminary grinding has just been completed, stop the motorthat rotates the test rod. Otherwise,remove the test rod fromthe isooctane (previously used unrusted test rods shall be storedin this reagent), dry with a clean cloth, and place in the chuck.Rub a new piece of 240-grit aluminum oxide cloth longitudinally over the static test rod until the rounded end,and theentire surface show visible scratches. Rotate the test rod at aspeed of 1700 to 1800 rpm.Take the cloth and place it halfwayaround the test rod, and apply a firm but gentle downward pullto the loose ends of the cloth for about 1 to 2 min so as toproduce a uniform finely scratched sur face free of longitudinalscratches. Carry out the final stages of the polishing with newcloth.
To ensure that the flat shoulder (that portion of the testrod perpendicular to the threaded stem) is free of rust, polishthis area. This can be done by holding a strip of 240-gritaluminum oxide cloth between the chuck and the shoulderwhile rotating the test rod for a brief period.
Remove the test rod from the chuck without touchingwith the fingers; wipe lightly with a clean, dry, lintless cloth ortissue (or brush the test rod lightly with a camel’s hair brush);attach to the plastic holder; and immediately immerse in the oilto be tested.This can be either the hot oil sample (see 9.1) ora clean test tube containing a portion of the sample. The testrod can be removed later from this tube and allowed to drainbriefly before being placed in the hot oil.
Clean the beaker in accordance with good laboratoryprocedure, wash with distilled water, and dry in an oven.Cleanglass beaker cover and a glass stirrer by the same procedure.Toclean a stainless steel stirrer and a PMMA cover, use ASTMprecipitation naphtha or isooctane or IP 6080 petroleum spirit,wash thoroughly with hot water and finally with distilled water,and dry in an oven at a femperature nof over 65C (150°F).Pour 300 mL of the oil to be tested (see Practice D 4057) intothe beaker and place the beaker in the oil bath held at atemperature that will maintain the oil sample at 60± 1°C(140±2°F). Insert the beaker into a hole of the bath cover andsuspend in the hole with the beaker rim resting on the bathcover. ASTM D665 pdf download.

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