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ASTM D653-03 pdf free.Standard Terminology Relating to Soil,Rock, and Contained Fluids.
specific yield——the ratio of the volume of water that thesaturated rock or soil will yield by gravity to the volume ofthe rock or soil. In the field,specific yield is generallydetermined by tests of unconfined aquifers and represents thechange that occurs in the volume of water in storage per unitarea of unconfined aquifer as the result of a unit change inhead. Such a change in storage is produced by the drainingor filling of pore space and is, therefore, mainly dependenton particle size, rate of change of the water table, and timeof drainage.
specimen——pieces or quantity taken or prepared from a samplefor testing.
spherical wave -wave in which wave fronts are concentricspheres.
split spacing grouting —a grouting sequence in which initial (primary) grout holes are relatively widely spaced andsubsequent grout holes are placed midway between previousgrout holes to “split the spacing” this process is continueduntil a specified hole spacing is achieved or a reduction ingrout take to a specified value occurs, or both.
storage coefficient-the volume of water an aquifer releasesfrom or takes into storage per unit surface area of the aquiferper unit change in head. For a confined aquifer, the storagecoeflicient is equal to the product of the specific storage andaquifer thickness. For an unconfined aquifer,the storagecoefficient is approximately equal to the specific yield.stress ellipsoid—the representation of the state of stress in theform of an ellipsoid whose semi-axes are proportional to themagnitudes of the principal stresses and lie in the principaldirections.The coordinates of a point P on this ellipse areproportional to the magnitudes of the respective componentsof the stress across the plane normal to the direction OP,where O is the center of the ellipsoid. (ISRM) stress (strain) field—the ensemble of stress (strain) statesdefined at all points of an elastic solid.(ISRM)
stress relaxation-stress release due to creep. (ISRM)strike —the direction or azimuth of a horizontal line in theplane of an inclined stratum, joint, fault,cleavage plane,orother planar feature within a rock mass.ASTM D653-03 pdf download.

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