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ASTM D644-99 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Moisture Content of Paper and Paperboard by Oven Drying.
Transfer the test specimen to the tared weighing container as soon as the specimen is withdrawn from the sample ofmaterial under test, and close the container immediately.ureatcare must be taken to avoid change in molsture content tuinerthe transfer of the specimen from the samplerto unbbeonoloves.Handle the specimen with tweezers or clean, dry rubber gloves.If a delay of over a second or two in transferring the specimen
to the container is unavoidable, keep the specimen covered onboth sides with several adjacent layers of the paper or boardfrom which it is withdrawn,until it can be placed in thecontainer. Then discard the protecting layers of paper or board.Unless the specimen is later to be spread out in the oven, avoid
filling the container tightly. Weigh the closed container holdingbthe test specimen, to allow calculation of the original weight ofthe specimen.The weighing container should not be touched with the fingers during these manipulations.
Remove large specimens from the container. If thecontainer has a removable basket,leave the specimen in the basket,and place the basket and open container in the oven.Ifthe container does not have a removable basket,spread thespecimen in a basket or tray that will permit free circulation of air around the specimen, and place the basket or tray and theopen container in the oven. Heat for 2 h at 105± 3°C.Replacethe specimen in its container and close the container,doingthis, if possible, without removing the specimen from the oven.
Place the closed container in the desiccator, and allow it to coolfor 1 h. Loosen the top of the container momentarily to equalize the pressure,and then weigh the container to allowcalculation of the oven-dry weight of the specimen.
Place small specimens in the drying oven withoutremoving them from the weighing bottle, remove the stopperof the bottle, heat for 1 h at 105 3°C, close the bottle in the oven,cool to room temperature in the desiccator, and weigh.Remove the stopper momentarily just before weighing toequalize the pressure.ASTM D644 pdf download.

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