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ASTM D613-03b pdf free.Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil.
Including an O.M.T.,S.p.A. specification SP8-S-1003/WInjector Nozzle (110700), a nozzle opening pressure adjust-ment,an extended pintle feeler pin for indication of time ofinjection and a fuel by-pass valve to release injection pumpfuel pressure from the nozzle.
Reluctance-type,synchronous, single-speed,electric motorfor belt drive connection to the engine and capable of bothstarting the engine and absorbing the power developed whencombustion is in process. Waukesha Engine Division is the solesupplier of this item in order to insure meeting the followingspeed and load absorbing specifications. Part numbers aredependent on the three-phase electrical service voltage andfrequency available at the site of unit installation.A2.5 Non-Critical Equipment and Spercifications—Anumber of components and devices are required to integrate thecritical equipment items into a complete working system orunit. Many of these are common hardware,tubing, fastenersand electrical items potentially available from multiplesources. In some cases, however, selection of specific sizes orspecification criteria are important to achieve the properconditions for the cetane testing equipment unit. Importantcriteria for a component are included when applicable.
Typically, in the form of a reinforced concrete block, sitepoured, the foundation should be approximately 700 mm wide,1320 mm long and a minimum of 280 mm high (28 in. wide,52 in. long and a minimum of 11 in. high). Height of thefoundation should be minimized so that the fuel samplereservoirs are at an elevation for safe pouring of fuel oil byoperators of average height without the use of a raised platformor step in front of the engine. If the unit is placed on anindustrial building floor of reinforced concrete approximately200 mm or 8 in. thick, no special support for the foundation isrequired.
Measurement Principle: It is difficult to define theactual point at which a valve should open or close because theevent takes place on the quieting ramp where the rate-of-change of the cam profile is minimal. The following procedureuses a point higher up on the contour of the lobes wheremaximum lift velocity occurs. Thus,all timing events arereferenced to the flywheel crank angle degree readings whichoccur at a rise of 0.054 in. off the cam lobe base circle. Timingof the camshaft can be judged by measurement of the intakevalve opening event which along with the exhaust valveclosing event are the so-called“top end”events that are mostcritical. Fig.A4.1 illustrates both the intake and exhaust lobeprofiles and their relationship in the 720° of rotation of theflywheel during one combustion cycle.ASTM D613 pdf download.

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