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ASTM D5907-18 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Filterable Matter (Total Dissolved Solids) and Nonfilterable Matter (Total Suspended Solids) in Water.
Mix the sample thoroughly,and quickly transfersample onto the filter and continue to apply suction until alltraces of water have passed through.
After the filter has been sucked dry,release thevacuum and carefully remove the filter from the filteringapparatus and discard.
Perform a preliminary total dissolved solids determi-nation starting at Section 11 if the approximate total dissolvedsolids concentration of the test sample is not known.Choose a sample volume to yield approximately25-200 mg of solids. Calculate the approximate volume ofsolution for the test sample from the preliminary total dissolvedsolids determined in 16.4.1 by dividing the minimum andmaximum milligrams of solids by the total dissolved solids inmilligrams per litre and select a volume that is between theminimum calculated and the maximum.
Preparation of the Evaporating Dishes or Beakers—Heat duplicate clean 50-mL to 250-mL capacity evaporationdishes or beakers,depending on the concentration of totalsdissolved solids to be determined, to 178 to 182°C in an ovenfor 1 h.After removing from the oven,cool in desiccator andweigh to the nearest 0.1 mg and record weights.Weigh a pre-cleaned and dried graduated cylinder tothe nearest 0.1 g.
ransfer the volume of sample as determined in16.4.2 to the graduated cylinder, weigh and record the sampleweight.
Carefully transfer the proper sample volume offiltrate into the evaporating dish or beaker,reserving anyexcess solution for stepwise evaporation. Repeat the procedurewith a duplicate sample portion into a second evaporating dishor beaker.
Class A pipettes, and direct transfer and weighingof solution after zeroing the balance were also used in place ofthe graduated cylinders during interlaboratory testing and thesepractices are permissible.
Evaporate the liquid in an oven at 103 to 105C or asteam bath. After the liquid is gone, repeat with any reservedsolution from 16.6.3 until all of the test solution has been dried.Rinse the filtrate container three times with a small portion ofwater and add the rinse to the evaporating dish.ASTM D5907 pdf download.

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