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ASTM D573-99 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Rubber-Deterioration in an Air Oven.
This precision and bias section has been prepared inaccordance with Practice D 4483.Refer to this practice forterminology and other statistical calculation details.A Type 2 (interlaboratory) precision was evaluated in1974.Both repeatability and reproducibility are short term, aperiod of a few days separates replicate test results.A test resultis expressed on the basis of a median value, as specified by TestMethods D 412 obtained on 3 determinations or measurementsof the property or parameter in question.
Six different materials were used in the interlaboratoryprogram, these were tested in 3 laboratories on 2 different days.These precision results were obtained for a variety of compounds prepared in accordance with Method D 15 prior to itsremoval from the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. Please seeannex of Test Method D 573 for more details on this work.The results of the precision calculations for repeatabil-ity and reproducibility for both percent tensile strength changeand percent elongation change are given in Table 1, inascending order of material average or level,for each of thematerials evaluated.The precision of this test method may be expressed inthe format of the following statements that use an appropriatevalue of r;R, (),or (R),that is,that value to be used indecisions about test results (obtained with the test method).The appropriate value is that value of r or R associated with amean level in the precision tables closest to the mean levelunder consideration at any given time, for any given material inroutine testing operation.
The repeatability r, of this test methodhas been established as the appropriate value tabulated in theprecision tables. Two single test results, obtained under normaltest method procedures, that difer by more than this tabulatedr (for any given level) must be considered as derived fromdifferent or non-identical sample populations.
The reproducibility R,of this testmethod has been established as the appropriate value tabulatedin the precision tables.Two single test results obtained in twodifferent laboratories,under normal test method procedures,that differ by more than the tabulated R (for any given level)must be considered to have come from different or non-identical sample populations.The precision results indicate that the repeatability andreproducibility of both percent tensile strength change andpercent elongation change are essentially the same. Also thevalue of r or R, or both does not vary with the magnitude ofpercent elongation or percent tensile strength change. Novalues are given for (r) or (R) because of the near zero averagevalues for some of the materials.ASTM D573 pdf download.

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