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ASTM D570-98 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Plastics.
Long-Term lmmersion—To determine the total waterabsorbed when substantially saturated, the conditioned speci-mens shall be tested as described in 7.1 except that at the endof 24 h they shall be removed from the water,wiped free ofsurface moisture with a dry cloth, weighed to the nearest 0.001g immediately,and then replaced in the water. The weighingsshall be repeated at the end of the first week and every twoweeks thereafter until the increase in weight per twoweekperiod, as shown by three consecutive weighings, averages lessthan 1 % of the total increase in weight or 5 mg, whichever isgreater; the specimen shall then be considered substantiallysaturated.The difference between the substantially saturatedweight and the dry weight shall be considered as the waterabsorbed when substantially saturated.
When materials are known or suspected to contain anyappreciable amount of water-soluble ingredients,the specimens,after immersion,shall be weighed,and then recondi-tioned for the same time and temperature as used in the originaldrying period.They shall then be cooled in a desiccator andimmediately reweighed.If the reconditioned weight is lowerthan the conditioned weight, the difference shall be consideredas watersoluble matter lost during the immersion test.For suchmaterials, the waterabsorption value shall be taken as the sumof the increase in weight on immersion and of the weight of thewatersoluble matter.
For long-term immersion procedure only,prepare agraph of the increase in weight as a function of the square rootof each immersion time.The initial slope of this graph isproportional to the diffusion constant of water in the plastic.The plateau region with little or no change in weight as afunction of the square root of immersion time represents thesaturation water content of the plastic.
The percentage of water absorbed, which is the sum ofthe values in 9.1.5 and 9.1.6, and
Any observations as to warping, cracking, or changein appearance of the specimens.
An interlaboratory test program was car-ried out using the procedure outlined in 7.1, involving threelaboratories and three materials.Analysis of this data yields thefollowing coefficients of variation (average of three replicates).ASTM D570 pdf download.

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