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ASTM D566-02 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Dropping Point of Lubricating Grease.
In general,the dropping point is the temperature atwhich the grease passes from a semisolid to a liquid state underthe conditions of test. This change in state is typical of greasescontaining as thickeners soaps of conventional types.Greasescontaining as thickeners materials other than conventionalsoaps can,without change in state,separate oil. This testmethod is useful to assist in identifying the grease as to typeand for establishing and maintaining bench marks for qualitycontrol. The results are considered to have only limitedsignificance with respect to service performance as droppingpoint is a static test.Cooperative testing indicates that in general, dropping pointsby Test Method D 5665and Test Method D 2265 are in agreement. Incases where results difer,there is no known significance. However,agreement between producer and consumer as to the test method used isadvisable.
Grease Cup—A chromium-plated brass cup conformingto the dimensions shown in Fig.1.
Test Tube—A test tube of heat-resistant glass,6 with rim,100 to 103 mm in length and 11.1 to 12.7 mm in insidediameter provided with three indentations about 19 mm fromthe bottom, equally spaced on the circumference. The depth ofthese indentations shall be such as to support the grease cup atabout the point shown in Fig. 2.
Accessories—A stirred oil bath consisting of a 400-mLbeaker, a ring stand and ring for support of the oil bath, clampsfor thermometers, two corks as illustrated in Fig.2, a polishedmetal rod 1.2 to 1.6 mm in diameter and 150 to 152 mm inlength (Fig.3), a cup plug gage and thermometer depth gage,both shown in Fig.1. (Warning—The fluid for the oil bathmust have a flash point in excess of the maximum temperatureat which the bath is to be used7 and allowance must be madefor thermal expansion to prevent overflow. Heating is preferably done by an immersed electrical-resistance heater regulatedby voltage control.An open flame must not be used as theheating source.) (Warning When a hot plate is used,caremust be taken to avoid spilling oil on the hot surface.)
When ready to test,examine the sample for any indica-tion of nonhomogeneity such as oil separation, phase changes,or gross contamination. When any abnormal conditions arenoted, obtain a new sample.ASTM D566 pdf download.

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