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ASTM D562-01 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Consistency of Paints Measuring Krebs Unit (Ku) ViscosityUsing a Stormer-Type Viscometer.
If the measured viscosity (corrected for any temperature deviation from standard) is within 5 % of the specifiedKU values for the standard oils,the viscometer can beconsidered to be in satisfactory calibration.
Thoroughly mix the specimen and pour into a 500-mL(1-pt) container to within 20 mm (3/4 in.) of the top.
Bring the temperature of the speciment to 25 0.2°C,and maintain it at that temperature during the test. Thetemperature of the viscometer should be the same.
If the specified temperature cannot be obtained, recordthe temperature of the specimen at the beginning and end of thetest to 0.2°C.
When the temperature of the specimen has reachedequilibrium, stir it vigorously, being careful to avoid entrapping air, move the operating handle to the top position, pull thefront locator out and place the container immediately on thebase of the viscometer against the locating pins and release thefront locator locking and centering the can.
Turn on the main power switch and select either KU orGram (gm) display. Be sure that the HOLD reading switch is inthe up position.Move the operating handle to the lower (immersing thepaddle spindle into the specimen).The fluid should be close tothe immersion groove on the paddle shaft. The paddle will startrotaing when it is within about 12 mm (l/ in.) of the lowerposition.Wait 5 s for the display reading to stablilize.Press the HOLD reading switch down to“hold”thedisplay and use the display selector knob to display KU orgram units, or both.Raise the operating handle to the top position, and letthe specimen drain from the paddle spindle.Loosen the thumb screw and remove the paddlespindle for cleaning.
Report the following information:The measured Krebs Units (KU) and the Grams(gm).The temperature of the specimen during the test andwhether a correction was applied for any deviation from 25C.ASTM D562 pdf download.

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