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ASTM D560-03 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Freezing and Thawing Compacted Soil-Cement Mixtures.
Form a specimen by immediately compacting thesoil-cement mixture in the mold (with the collar attached) andlater trimming the specimen in accordance with Test Method Bof Test Methods D 558, and in addition as the mixture for eachlayer is placed in the mold, spade along the inside of the moldwith a butcher knife before compaction to obtain uniformdistribution of the material retained on the No.4 (4.75-mm)sieve and scarify the tops of the first and second layers asdescribed for Test Method A of these test methods.
During compaction take from the batch a representa-tive sample of the soilcement mixture with a mass of at least500 g. Determine and record the moist mass immediately, anddry in an oven at 230 9°F(110 5°C) at least 12 h or toconstant mass to determine the water content to check againstdesign water content.
Form a second specimen as rapidly as possible in thesame manner.
Determine and record the mass of each compactedspecimen to check against design dry unit weight, identify, andmeasure the No. 1 specimen (Note 2), place in the moist room,and measure the No. 1 specimen again at the end of the 7-daystorage period as described for Test Method A in 7.2.3-7.2.7(Note 3).
These test methods are used to determine the resistanceof compacted soil-cement specimens to repeated freezing andthawing.These test methods were developed to be used inconjunction with Test Methods D 559 and criteria given in theSoil-Cement Laboratory Handbook to determine the mini-mum amount of cement required in soil-cement to achieve adegree of hardness adequate to resist field weathering.
All observed and calculated values shall conform to theguidelines for significant digits and rounding established inPractice D 6026.The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regardedas standard,except as noted below. The values given inparentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units, and areprovided for information only and are not considered standard.1.4.1 The gravitational system of inch-pound units is usedwhen dealing with inch-pound units. In this system, the pound(1bf) represents a unit of force (weight), while the unit for massis slugs.ASTM D560 pdf download.

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