ASTM D4903-99 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D4903-99 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Evaporation and Drying of Analytical Solutions.
Take a representative sample of the product to be testedin accordance with Practice D3925.If the sample has atendency to settle or separate on standing, it must be stirred orshaken until homogeneous before a test specimen is taken fromit. The specimen must be free of any foreign matter or airbubbles.
Make all measurements at agreed upon shear rate rampand discreet temperatures.Select the system (coaxial cylinder or cone/plate)needed for the shear rate ramp of interest.Zero the viscometer and verify calibration according tothe manufacturer’s instructions. If using the cone/plate system,make sure that the gapbetween the cone and the plate is set properly.
f temperature is increased by a total change of 10°C or more,the gap between the cone and plate should be reset.
Place the correct amount of sample material into thechamber if using coaxial cylinder geometry. If using cone/plategeometry,place the proper amount of material on the plate.Make sure to introduce the sample in a consistent way (that is,via a syringe or by pouring).
Allow the specimen and spindle to equilibrate to thetest temperature.
Select the first rotational speed and allow the spindle torotate for an agreed upon time before taking a viscosity readingor wait until the viscosity reading stabilizes.Record viscosity readings at each rotational speed inthe shear rate ramp.
After taking all data points in the shear rate ramp,turnoff motor. Increase temperature to next level. Allow properamount of time for specimen to come to equilibrium.Repeat steps 12.5as needed until the desiredtemperature range has been covered and each temperature hasbeen tested at the shear rate ramp.13.1 Report the following results:The viscometer model and geometry used.he viscosity at each rotational speed/temperature.13.1.3 The time interval between measurements.No precision statement has yet been devel-oped.Since there is no accepted reference materialsuitable for determining bias for the procedures in thisstandard,bias has not and will not be determined.ASTM D4903 pdf download.

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