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ASTM D4807-05 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Sediment in Crude Oil by Membrane Filtration.
Funnel and Filter Support Assembly—Use an assemblydesigned to hold 47 mm diameter filters as was used in thedevelopment of this test method (see Fig.1).Use a filter funnel with a 250 mLminimum capacity. The lower part of the funnel has a 40 mminside diameter and is designed to secure the 47 mm diameterfilter against the filter support. The funnel can be jacketed tofacilitate heating the solvent funnel and sample during filtering.Use of a glass funnel should minimize the effect of staticelectricity when filtering.Use a support base for the filter thathas a porous scintered glass center section about 40 mm to43 mm in diameter. The support base is designed to fit securelyagainst the funnel holding the filter in place over the poroussection. The filter support’s stem should be long enough toextend down into the filter flask such that the end is below thevacuum connection.
Use a spring or screw type clamp tosecure the funnel to the filter support.The clamp should betight enough to prevent the solvent from leaking through at thejunction between the glass and filter membrane.The exteriordimensions of the funnel and support are designed to facilitateclamping the two pieces together.Use a single-hole,capable of hold-ing the lower stem of the filter support securely onto thefiltering flask.Use a 500 mL or largervacuum filtering flask.Ground/Bond Wire—Use a 0.912 mm to 2.59 mm (No. 10 through No.19) bare stranded flexible,stainless steel orcopper wire installed in the flask through the vacuum connection and connected to ground.
Reagent grade chemicals shall be used in alltests. Unless otherwise indicated, it is intended that all reagents shall conform to the specifications of the Committee. onAnalytical Reagents of the American Chemical Society, wheresuch specifications are available,7 or to Grade 2 of ISO 5272.
Other grades may be used, provided it is first ascertained thatthe reagent’s lot or batch is of sufficiently high purity to permitits use without lessening the accuracy of the determination.(Warning—Flammable. Keep away from heat,sparks andopen flame. Vapor harmful.Toluene is toxic. Particular careshall be taken to avoid breathing the vapors and to protect theeyes. Keep the container closed.Use with adequate ventilation.Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with the skin.)Sampling, shall include all the steps required to obtain arepresentative portion of the contents of any pipe, tank, or othersystem,and to transfer the sample into the laboratory test container. The laboratory test container and sample volumeshall be of sufficient dimensions and volume to allow mixing asdescribed in 7.3.1. Mixing is required to properly dispersesediment as well as any water present in the sample.ASTM D4807 pdf download.

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