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ASTM D4491/D4491M-17 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Water Permeability of Geotextiles by Permittivity.
1.1 Repeat the calculations for the remaining nine test specimens.
1.2 Assess the calculated permittivity values for compliance with Test Methods D4491/D449 IM constant head results:
1.3 The air flow permittivity values must be evaluated for compliance with the Method A test results for every different product tested with this method. Products from different manufacturers and of different unit weights for a given manufacturer are considered different products for this requirement. A minimum of three test results must be compared with all three results meeting the compliance criteria, to qualify Method C for each product.
1.3.1 The correlation must be confirmed for a particular product by comparing one test result for each method when there are changes in the manufacturing process.
1.3.2 Evaluate the data for compliance with the Test Methods D4491/D4491M data using the precision statement from Table 2. The permittivity results determined with Method must be within one repeatability standard deviation of the Method A value, based on the “within laboratory repeatability limit, CV% Sr”for constant head woven or constant head nonwoven, depending on the geotextile construction.
17.1 The report shall include the following:
17.1.1 State that the specimens were tested in accordance with these test methods. Describe the material or product sampled and the method of sampling used,
17.1.2 Test method used: Method A constant head, Method B falling head, or Method C air flow.
17.1.3 Temperature of the test water used for the water flow tests, to the nearest 0.1 °C.
17.1.4 Any deviations from the standard test method, such as a head other than 50 mm for the constant head procedure,
17.1.5 The following permitivity results for the four specimens from each swatch in the laboratory sample: The permittivity determination for each individual specimen.
18.1.1 Interlaboratory Test Program- An interlaboratory study of this test method was performed in 1999. Three sets (four test specimen each) which were randomly drawn from each of two materials, one woven and one nonwoven, were tested for both permittivity. Five laboratories performed the tests using the constant head procedure while three laboratories used the falling head procedure. The design of the experiment,similar to that of Practice E691, and a within-between analysis of the data are given in ASTM Research Report No. RR:D351000.ASTM D4491 pdf download.

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