ASTM D4236-94 pdf

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Standard title:ASTM D4236-94 Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards
This ASTM D4236-94 pdf is free to download, and its size is 2.42M.
Part of the introduction is as follows:
Uninformed or careless use of some art material products can give rise to health hazards, either acute or chronic, or both. Specific and readily available warnings are needed to help protect users ofany age. One way to disseminate such information is to provide appropriate precautionary labeling onart material products.
Labeling for acute health hazards, including those associated with art materials, is being addressedby such requirements as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Act(CPSC), the Federal HazardousSubstances Act, and the like. There are presently no specific national standards for labeling artmaterials with respect to chronic health hazards.
Download here:ASTM D4236-94 pdf

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