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ASTM D3486-85 pdf free.Standard Practice for Installation of Vulcanizable Rubber Tank Linings and Pipe Linings.
1.1 In many cases of high-temperature service, protective brick sheathings are used to reduce the actual temperature at the rubber lining and extend the expected service life by a long enough time to justify the added expense.
1.2 Alternating from one chemical service to another is not generally recommended. In such cases, objectionable surface effects often develop which can take the form of crusting, flaking, and pitting, which can cause contamination of the chemical solution. Alternate chemical service can also shorten the service life of the lining.
9.11 The fact that discoloration is not specifically mentioned on all service conditions should not be interpreted to mean that linings may not cause sormne discoloration or contamination of chemically pure solutions.
9.12 Certain linings are swollen and deteriorated in various degrees by certain liquid fatty acids, drying oils, cyclic aliphatic liquids, aromatic solvents, carbon tetrachloride,ethylene dichloride, and carbon disulfide. Sometimes this effect can prove quite pronounced even with small quantities present as the result of a cumulative absorption into the lining.
9.13 For the majority of installations, 4.76 or 6.35 mm (0.187 or 0.250 in.) nominal gage linings are considered standard. However, there are many installations wherea 9.52 to 12.7-mm (0.375 to 0.500-in.) nominal gage has been used. Where either the temperature or concentration of the chemical solution approaches a maximum operating condition,the 6.35-mm (0.250-in.) nominal gage or heavier is recommended. The heavier gage lining is also used with soft rubber to handle a severe abrasion problem. If small amounts of petroleum additive are present in an abrasion service or temperatures exceed 76.6*C (150*F), neoprene could be the proper selection.
10.4.7 Apply a covering to full face of flange. Skive inside diameter of flange stock to slightly less than the inside diameter of lining and stitch firmly to tube stock. On larger sized pipe, the flange stock may be lapped into the pipe lining instead of the skive used on smaller pipe. Rubber shall be removed from bolt holes after cure by means of a knife,reamer, or other suitable tool.ASTM D3486 pdf download.

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