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ASTM B601-02 pdf free.Standard Classification for Temper Designations for Copper and Copper Alloys—Wrought and Cast.
This is a classification of temper designations for copperand copper alloys-wrought and cast. The temper designationsare classified by the process or processes used in manufactur-ing the product involved and its resulting qualities. It is not aspecification of copper and copper alloy products.
The property requirements for the tempers are given inthe applicable product specification.
Referenced Documents.B846 Terminology for Copper and Copper Alloys23.Terminology
For terminology related to copper and copper alloys,refer to Terminology B 846.
Significance-This classification establishes an alpha-numeric code of the tempers of copper and copper alloyproducts.
The alphanumeric code is used to designate prod-uct tempers in specifications and published data.
The letters in the code identify the type of processused to produce the product temper. For example,”H”indi-cates a temper resulting from cold working.
Manufactured Tempers,M—Tempers produced in theproduct by the primary manufacturing operations of castingand hot working and controlled by the methods employed inthe operations.Cold-Worked Tempers,H —Tempers produced by con-trolled amounts of cold work.
Cold-Worked (Drawn),Stress-Relieved Tempers,HR—Tempers produced by controlled amounts of cold work fol-lowed by stress relief.
Order-Strengthening Tempers,HT—Tempers pro-duced by controlled amounts of cold work followed by athermal treatment to produce order strengthening.Heat-Treated Tempers,T—Tempers that are based onheat treatments followed by rapid cooling.Quench-Hardened Tempers,TOTempers producedby quench-hardening treatments.Solution Heat-Treated Temper;TB——Tempers pro-duced by solution heat-treating precipitation hardenable orspinodal hardenable alloys.Solution Heat-Treated and Cold-Worked Tempers,TD —Tempers produced by controlled amounts of cold work ofsolution heat-treated precipitation hardenable or spinodal hardenable alloys.
Precipitation Heat-Treated Temper;TF—Tempersproduced by precipitation heat treatment of precipitation-hardenable alloys.
Spinodal Heat Treated Temper;TX—-Tempers pro-duced by spinodal heat treatment of spinodal hardenablealloys.
Cold-Worked and Precipitation Heat-Treated Tem-pers,TH—Tempers produced in alloys that have been solutionheat treated, cold worked, and precipitation heat treated.5.6.7 Cold-Worked and Spinodal Heat-Treated Tempers,TS—Tempers produced in alloys that have been solution heattreated, cold worked, and spinodal heat treated.MillHardened lempers,Tempers of heattreated materials as supplied by the mill resulting fromcombinations of cold work and precipitation heat treatment orspinodal heat treatment.Precipitation HeatTreated or Spinodal Heat-Treated and Cold-Worked Tempers,TL——Tempers produced by coldworking the precipitation heat-treated or spinodal heat-treatedalloys.
Precipitation Heat-Treated or Spinodal Heat-Treated,Cold-Worked, and Thermal Stress-Relieved Tempers,TR—Tempers produced in the cold-worked precipitation heat-treated or spinodal heat-treated alloys by thermal stress relief.5.7 Tempers of Welded Tubes,W—(Welded tubes are pro-duced from strip of various tempers and essentially have thetemper of the strip except in the heat-affected zone.)
Tube,As-Welded Tempers,WM—Tempers that resultfrom forming and welding when producing tube.Tube,Welded and Annealed Temper;wO—Temperthat results from forming, welding,and annealing when pro-ducing tube.Tube,Welded and Cold-Worked Tempers,WH—Tempers that result from forming, welding, and cold workingwhen producing tube.Tube,Welded,Cold-Worked and Stress-Relieved Tem-pers,WR—Tempers that result from forming, welding,coldworking, and stress relieving when producing tube.Tube,Welded,and Fully Finished Tempers,o,OS,H—Tempers that result from both annealing a welded andcold-worked tube, or cold working, a welded coldworked andannealed tube. With these treatments, the weld area has beentransformed into a wrought structure,and the usual temperdesignations apply.ASTM B601 pdf download.

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