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ASTM B547/B547M-02 pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Formed and Arc-Welded Round Tube.
When specified by the purchaser at the time of placingthe order,each tube shall be tested by one of the followingmethods at the option of the producer or supplier.Each tube shall withstand, without evidence of leak-age, an internal air gage pressure of not less than 60 psi [410kPa] while immersed in water or other suitable liquid. Each tube shall be tested pneumatically at not lessthan 90 psi [620 kPa] air gage pressure with a gage that willindicate loss of pressure.There shall not be any loss of pressureafter application of 90 psi [620 kPa] for a period of not lessthan 15 s.Each tube shall withstand, without evidence of leak-age, hydrostatic gage pressure of not less than 90 psi [620 kPa].11.1.4 When specified in the order or contract, the tube shallbe subjected to other pressure or hydrostatic tests as agreedupon by the producer or supplier and the purchaser.When“full radiography”is specified,Paragraph Uw11(a) of Section VmI,Division 1, of the ASME Boiler andPressure Vessel Code, shall be complied with.
When”spot radiography” is specified, all intersectionsof longitudinal and circumferential welds shall be radio-graphed. Provisions of Paragraph Uw-52 of Section VIII shallbe complied with for spot radiographic examination.Circumferential welds are present only when individuallyfabricated tubes must be welded together to produce the ordered length.For Alclad 3003 and Alclad 3004,each 7072 platewhich is bonded to the Alloy 3003 or 3004 ingot or slabpreparatory to rolling to the specified thickness of sheet orplate, shall be of the composition shown in Table 1. When the thickness of the cladding is to be determinedon finished tubes,transverse cross sections of at least threetubes from the lot,approximately 3/4 in.[20 mm] in length,shall be mounted to expose an edge perpendicular to the axis of the tube and polished for examination with a metallurgicalmicroscope.The cladding thickness shall be measured under amagnification of 100×, at four points around the circumfer-ence 90° apart but excluding the weld area, in each sample.Thecladding thickness shall be taken as the average of themeasurements in five fields approximately 0.1 in.[2.5 mm]apart in each sample.The average cladding thickness on eachclad surface shall be not less than 4 % of the specifiedcomposite thickness.Variations from the specified dimensions for the tubeordered shall not exceed the amounts prescribed in Table 4[Table 5], Table 6 [Table 7], Table 8, and Table 9.
Examination for dimensional conformance shall be made to ensure conformance to thetolerance specified.ASTM B547 pdf download.

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